Saturday, 11 June 2016


They say don't let pain define you.
But your pain makes you strong.
This strength I talk about Defines you.
Pain motivated this strength.
So what you think defines you?

Karma is used as an excuse.
If you don't read you won't pass.
Except when you cheat, and cheat good. Then you pass.
Karma didn't catch up with the Girlfriend that has been cheating all these while.
Because she had a state of mind that states "Fvck Karma"
Plus, she been smooth af.
My point is, don't let these "stereotypes" define you.

At this point I try to bring the rhyme back.
Life's tough like hard tack.
But the ones with the money don't feel that shii, they steady be on 3 square meals and still enough to snack.

But if you find out what gives you drive.
Like Kendrick said "We gon be alright"

For me ? It's good music and coke.
Mother tells me it's become an addiction.
Talking bout addictions.
I ain't gon mention the booze nor sticks or seeds.
Another lie I tell myself "it helps with the pain".
You'll get this if you seen struggle.
Funny how I can relate to this.
When I didn't grow dead ass poor with no pot to piss in.
But struggle I seen?
Shit!!! Those are thoughts for another day.

                                                 - Shevi


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