Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Art of Garri Drinking

Lemme tell u something u don't know. Cos these people be asking me if it's witchcraft I'm doing. Some ask of the soap I bath with or the food I eat.

Lol,  I will tell u..  Garri is great! Food for the rich at heart.. It gingers the soul real quick, like it's a catalyst. Especially when u soak it really cold with enough sugar.
Believe me,  it works :D (for me lol)  and it's not juju abeg..

Also, I'll be posting my newest art series soon..  Coupled with that of other artists.



  1. hmmn. i'll be watching you in 3D now. #garri drinker. lol

  2. How shall you "drink" without the water? Never knew it was an "art" though but I can relate to the aftermath brings me JOY������



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