Wednesday, 2 December 2015

AfterMath- r i s e a f t e r f a l l

Though you may be crushed today,  you may feel shut or shattered. You may be weary, tears would drop, sadness would set in, hearts would beat faster, you'll stagger, rights may be wrong, hardwork may be futile, words may not come, inner peace may not reign, tears shed would dry, the heart may ache and dreams shattered.

I live to rise after falling, i'll stand tall.
I will wipe my tears, I will flex my muscles set for the journey

What sorta pain could it be, that I would not crush back with Spears in my hand and no fear in my heart.

Yes I stand to devour, I stand to regenerate.
For I won't surrender to any hardship whatsoever.
I will rise after that fall

Art By Me
26- 11- 2015
IG @luluartss


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