Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Who's Yaro Is This!!

"U tiff my heart eh yaro,  burst my brain eh yaro,  smooth criminal yaro, I just dey love u yaro"


So this is a throwback drawing of someone's Boo-boo..
This dude has 15 houses,  60 cows,  he would chop that cane for you,  he's loyal,  he'll spoil your life with kudi. Zo! You can't let a nigga just go like that..  He's single and searching,  this could be your husband O... 
Oya share this to any mallam or yarinya u know sharply.

I have decided to add this to my TRIBEs men collection.
Exposing Nigeria and it's culture.

Art by me
Medium- charcoal pencil and oil pastel
Source of Inspiration- mother nature
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